Jewish Spaces on Campus

Most students decide to live in accommodation provided by their university. You can access information on Halls of Residence through your university website. For those looking for kosher accommodation you should contact UJS. UJS provides accommodation either via Hillel Houses or kosher flats arranged through the university authorities. To contact them visit and click "get involved" and then "accommodation", or call 020 7424 3288.

UJS also provides state-of-the-art Hillel Student Centres for J-Soc activities to take place. These new centres offer a cafeteria, dance studios, but no live-in accommodation. The J-Soc runs a range of programmes using these facilities.

If you want to book a tour of any UJS facility, e-mail or call 020 7424 3288.

Here are a list of what UJS Hillel has to offer in different cities across the UK:

Birmingham: The Hillel House in Birmingham is by far the largest and most active Jewish residential space in the country, with over 40 full-time residents and the J-Soc hosting Shabbat dinners for up to 300 students every week! Its large lounge and garden area acts as the focal point for J-Soc events. Self-catered Kosher flats are also available through the university.

Bournemouth: In Bournemouth there is a fantastic kosher kitchen on campus exclusively for the J-Socs use.

Brighton and Sussex: Brighton and Sussex J-Soc have the use of the newest Hillel Student Centre in the country, located in the heart of the Lanes in Brighton. It has a large lounge, dining area and study space, and used by the J-Soc to host anything from small social events to large Shabbat dinners.

Bristol: The Bristol Hillel Centre, known as the Ark and Dove, is a modern social space in the middle of the student area of Clifton. It has a lounge and pool room, as well as a Kosher kitchen which is used to cook regular Shabbat dinners.

Cambridge: Cambridge J-Soc uses the Synagogue known as 3TL, right in the heart of Cambridge, as its base. The building is used to host weekly Shabbat dinners, social and educational events.

Cardiff: The newly-refurbished Cardiff Hillel has space for four self-catered residential students, as well as the J-Soc having use of a lounge and Kosher kitchen. It is regularly used to host Shabbat dinners and other events.

Durham: St Aidens College hosts Kosher catered Shabbat dinners with the J-Soc, with other social and educational events taking place in other College space.

Keele: Keele J-Soc have a great kosher kitchen which they have exclusive access to. They use it for cooking Friday night dinners and other events.

Lancaster: Lancaster have a large social/dining area, a kitchen and a small synagogue housed within the multi-faith chaplaincy building.

Leeds: The biggest non-residential Hillel Student Centre in the country, Leeds Hillel boasts incredible facilities such as lounge, cafe, gym, library and synagogue. It is located right next to the Leeds University campus. Self-catered Kosher flats are also available through the university.

Liverpool: The Liverpool Hillel has great residential accommodation, as well as a large lounge and social space. A Kosher kitchen and lounge are both used regularly by the J-Soc for Shabbat dinners and events.

London: London Hillel House is an amazing self-catered residential space, for up to 26 people, located in Golders Green and within easy reach of transport links and the extensive local Jewish community.

Manchester: Self-catered Kosher flats are available through the university in the Oak House halls of residence in Fallowfield. Kosher sandwiches are also available in the Students Union Shop and in University Place. In Fallowfield, the main student area, the G.E. Centre provides space for Shabbat dinners, social events and hosts a revision centre during exam times with free internet, silent study zones and three free meals served daily.

Newcastle: Newcastle J-Soc has the use of a lovely Hillel House with a kosher kitchen and lounge for the J-Soc to host events and Shabbat dinners. Accommodation is also available for anyone who’s interested!

Nottingham: Nottingham Students Union boasts the only Kosher food outlet on campus in the UK, serving a range of freshly-made deli sandwiches which are included if you have a meal card. The J-Soc has the full use of the Students Union, in particular the Atrium, which is used to host Shabbat dinners of over 150 people.

Oxford: In Oxford, the Oxford Jewish Centre acts as the focal point of the city’s Jewish student community, within which the J-Soc has a dedicated lounge to hold social and educational events. The space is also used to host weekly catered Shabbat dinners.

Sheffield: Sheffield has one of the UK’s original Hillel Houses, boasting Kosher self-catered apartments, a Kosher kitchen used by J-Soc for Shabbat dinners, as well as a lounge area for a range of J-Soc events.

Warwick: The J-Soc Common Room, located in the Chaplaincy building, is used by J-Soc to host social events, as well as Shabbat dinners.

York: J-Soc has the use of the Jewish Common Room, a great lounge, common room and Kosher kitchen in Derwent College. It is used by the J-Soc to host different social events and Shabbat dinners.