Essential Shopping List

Moving away to university can be daunting. For many, it is the first time you will have to effectively create a new home for yourself. Some things you can certainly pick up once you are at uni, but a few things are worth thinking about before you go. It is worth contacting your Halls before you get there to find out what items will be provided for you, and as such the list below might not all be applicable:

  • Washing basket – you should also bring with you some washing powder/conditioner just to get you started.
  • An iron and small ironing board – always useful so that you can iron your clothes so that you look presentable for more formal uni occasions.
  • Towels, sheets, pillows, duvets, blanket – find out exactly what is provided for you before you go.
  • Clothes hangers – you’ll often find some left by your room’s previous occupant, but you can never have too many.
  • A-Level notes – if they are at all relevant to your course, you’ll probably find them useful for reference – to remind you of all the things you’ve forgotten during the summer.
  • Books – only buy the ones you know you’re going to need (and be aware that you can probably buy them cheaper from 2nd years when you arrive). Otherwise wait to see what reading lists your lecturers give you.
  • Stationery – pens, paper, folders – you should be able to buy this all near or on campus, but it is always useful to come prepared.
  • Laptop/desktop computer – while most universities have computer clusters on campus, it is extremely useful to bring your own computer with you too. Remember to also bring a network cable or wireless card (check with your accommodation to see which one you’ll need), a USB stick to back up your work and possibly a cheap printer (although these are generally also available on campus). Make sure you remember to insure these items.
  • Registration details – these are really useful for the first couple of days and then can be left at the bottom of a drawer for the next few years (UCAS forms or a letter from the university confirming your place).
  • Passport photos for university registration – it is very useful to bring some passport photos for university registration and anything you may sign up for that requires a passport photo for identity.
  • Posters – rooms in university accommodation tend to look a bit bare and miserable until you decorate them. Many campuses will have a poster sale during fresher’s weeks where you can buy posters. It's worth finding out if you are allowed to use blu-tack, or will have to bring drawing pins
  • Photos – anything to make the room feel like your own.
  • Bedside lamp/desk lamp – Useful for reading in bed or to have on your desk for when you work.
  • Phone charger – it’s amazing how irritating it is if you forget this.
  • Extension cable – you will also find a 4+ socket extension lead useful. Many rooms will have few power sockets.

Depending on your accommodation you might also want to bring:
  • Cheese toastie machine – invaluable for a quick meal.
  • George Foreman Grill – this is very useful for meat, vegetarian foods and fish. It is a quick and easy way to cook healthy food. You should check with your accommodation what kitchen facilities they will provide. Most rooms and flats will have an oven, a hob and a grill.
  • Cooking utensils – if you are in self-catered accommodation you will need: a frying pan, a saucepan and a wooden spoon. A colander is also pretty much essential for draining pasta, vegetables etc. A student cookbook will also come in handy.
  • Plates, cutlery, cups – make sure you bring enough plates, bowls, side plates, cutlery and cups. You may entertain friends whilst at university so make sure you have enough of everything. You can also share plates and cutlery with friends if you don’t have enough.
  • Toaster, kettle – worthwhile to bring with. You should however check with your accommodation to see if they provide this as some do.
However, you might choose to meet your new housemates and buy some of these things together.